Research & Development

Hindustan Resins & Terpenes has a well equipped Research & Development Laboratory with all modern equipments and is manned by a competent Technical Team to Develop & Standardize our Resins to achieve the Requirements & Specifications of our Customers.

We believe in Practicing a Systematic Procedure for constantly improving our response towards a Customer's Technical Demands. Our Technical Team not only Develops Customized Products to perform better but also works Continuously with Our Customers to ensure that their End-Product parameters are met consistently.

To continuously add value to our customers' End-Products, it is our endeavor to constantly innovate new Products. Our Continuous focus on Investment in Our Research & Development Department and State of Art Laboratory Arrangements has helped us to Innovate & Formulate Better Quality Products in Accordance with the current Raw Material-Cost Scenario. The important activities of our R & D are in the areas of development of new products, development of formulations using alternative raw materials and improvement in our existing products to meet customer requirements.